Goals of the Group
• To provide a “safe space” for parents and caregivers to share circumstances, stories, thoughts, ideas and emotions.
• To make personal connections with other parents and caregivers.
• To demonstrate respect for each other’s unique experiences and opinions.
• To listen and learn about commonalities and differences.
• To deepen our understanding of dyslexia through conversation, resources, and speakers.
• To provide our children with support through the “Student Ambassadors For Education” (S.A.F.E.) a self- advocacy program for students with learning differences in grades 3-12.

Meetings: 4 times a year

Guidelines for Participation

Confidentiality: Our request for confidentiality allows all group members to feel comfortable sharing and discussing sensitive topics. Confidentiality is critical for our support group to function effectively. Thus, we ask that any information shared at the meetings not be repeated outside the group.

Respect: We must understand everyone is doing the best they can. Our experiences, personalities, parenting styles, family dynamics and circumstances are all unique. We ask that each of us listen carefully to one another and show respect throughout all aspects of the dialogue. With this approach, we’re confident each of us will walk away with something new to think about, and ultimately, hopefully a better understanding of how to help our children develop in light of their unique challenges.

Equality: While this group has facilitators and all members have varying degrees of experience with dyslexia, please remember every voice is equal. We hope all members are comfortable sharing their experiences and opinions with the group candidly, even if they differ from the majority, or their spouse, family or friends. Additionally, another core principal is we’ll always remain open to new ideas to improve the group experience. So please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions with us any time.

If you are interested in joining the group or have questions, please fill out and submit the form below.

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